Nurse on the Go is a certified home and healthcare service provider that is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and serves other cities such as Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver et al.

Nurse on the Go health care services offers a balanced approach to an individual’s health by assessing, planning, and implementing care based on the needs of the individual or family. Aiming at measures which include preventive, curative, rehabilitative or palliative healthcare in an empathic way to individuals, families or communities from the comfort of one’s home. The organization is well equipped to serve the market segments that require at-home-based services.

Our Founder is a Licensed Registered Nurse with 20 years of nursing experience in various settings. She was born and raised in Canada and has lived in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley her whole life. She is well versed with the culture, lifestyle, and healthcare system in the province of BC. Along with her nursing background, she has also volunteered with many organizations in the community and is married with 2 children. She is passionate about helping others and is well aware of the struggles one can face during times of health problems, as she has had the opportunity to take care of her own family members in the home setting in times of need.


Striving for excellence in personalized quality care.

Personalized Care

Every client and family has unique needs which we will assess in partnership with other service providers including physicians, therapists, social workers and families to come up with a collaborative service delivery plan.


We believe that effective empathetic communication enhances the therapeutic success of the provider-client relationship. In addition to building trust, empathy will enable us to understand the client needs on a deeper level thus offering more caring service.

Forward Thinking

We are committed to improve and enrich the lives of our clients by embracing the new advances in technology, by having a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and by staying flexible to adapt to new changes in the environment.

Creating a Safe environment

With a focus on client and staff welfare, we are committed to creating a safe and trusting environment, enhancing safety by continuously upgrading our skills, abilities, processes and systems.

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Your Care • Our Passion

Improving quality of life by providing compassionate and outstanding care, enabling independence and focusing on the unique individual and family needs.

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