The Nurse on the Go Team understands that every individual has unique care needs and we endeavor to deliver the best care, in partnership with other service providers including physicians, therapists, social workers and families. We realize and respect that having someone come into your home to assist with these private and personal tasks can be very difficult. Therefore, our caregivers are dedicated to providing this type of care discreetly and respectfully.


People who live alone can often feel lonely and isolated, which can negatively impact their quality of life. Our caregivers can help by providing companionship when their family can’t be there. For our clients who like being on the move such as walking, or going to the movies, we have companions to accompany them on their outings. For those who prefer to stay closer to home, our companions can talk over coffee, play games or just be a friend.

Home Support (light cooking & cleaning and other duties)

We take the basic activities in life for granted until we are unable to perform them ourselves. Health conditions can limit individuals ability to perform these activities and increase the need for extra support. Our trained staff will assist with day-to-day activities of living, such as assistance with light cooking, cleaning, dusting, grocery shopping, paying bills, taking to appointments, pet and plant care, or other light household duties for any individual’s needs.

Senior Care (Geriatrics)

Caring for the elderly with various health conditions, such as but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s or any other health conditions which require supervision or general daily care whether it comes to supervising for medication, feeding, mobility, dressing and grooming, bathing, bathroom assistance, or any other daily tasks that are limited due to certain health conditions.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Caring for seniors with various levels of dementia or Alzheimer’s as it progresses into different stages. A health condition which gradually decreases the individuals level of functioning cognitively and physically requiring further assistance with care.

Palliative Care

End of life care for those terminally ill or for those with general progression of health conditions leading to final stages of life. Emotionally and physically supporting families and clients of various ages. Assisting with any questions, paperwork, support, resources, meds, or caring for the individual with daily washing, dressing, pain management and comfort care.

Diabetes Care

Supervising meds as required, care with daily tasks, blood sugar monitoring, assisting with diabetic meals, providing thorough hygiene, foot care if required, any other daily care or supervision that is required, and overall monitoring.

Wound Care

Dressings for various wounds as per doctor’s orders, helping to manage and heal wounds on different body parts, surgical wounds, wounds from injuries, or skin ulcers/disorders, promoting healthy skin.

Foot Care

Caring for individuals with various foot conditions, including diabetic patients, promoting good hygiene for feet, nail filing or trimming, helping maintain healthy feet.

Pre-op & Post-op Care

Assisting with pre-op tests or preparation which is required, assisting or driving to lab or appointments, post-operative care as needed for individual to recover including setting up or driving to physiotherapy or other appointments, assisting with household duties during recovery.

Giving Medications

Supervising client to take meds as per doctor’s orders from blister packs, prescription bottles, or taking over the counter vitamins.  Insulin or other injections as per doctor’s orders that can be injected within scope of nursing.


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